General FAQ on M-Banking

TMB M-Banking is a banking application that can be downloaded on your mobile phone and can be used to conduct banking operations/ transactions on your TMB Bank accounts from your mobile phone. With TMB M-Banking you can access below details:

  • View Your account balances and transaction history
  • View Your Loan and Deposit account balances
  • View your Cheques Presented for today at your account
  • View your Cheque Status

  • Pay bills and credit cards
  • Recharge your Mobile, DTH and Data Card
  • Transfer money between TMB accounts
  • Make 24X7 Instant Payment through IMPS using MMID or IFSC or Aadhar No.
  • Make Money Transfers through NEFT
  • Make Merchant Payments
  • Generate OTP to book your IRCTC and other Tickets

    Now you can Open your below Favorite Deposits at ease of time!
  • Recurring Deposits
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Navarathnamala Deposits
  • Muthukuviyal Deposits
  • 20:20 Deposits

  • Hotlist your Lost Card instantly
  • Request for New Cheque Book
  • Request for New Debit Card
  • Regenerate your Debit Card PIN
  • Regenerate your Internet Banking Login Password/Transaction Password

  • Find your nearest TMB branches, ATMs and eLobby centres
  • Contact Us details to Speak with our representative for any Clarifications
  • Feedback option to provide your Grievances/suggestions

  • Please note: TMB mConnect doesn't work in ROOTED Android devices! Mobile Banking helps you bank Whenever Wherever through your mobile phone. You can access information and conduct transactions on your TMB Bank accounts with the help of your mobile phone anywhere, anytime.

    If you are a TMB Bank customer with a Individual or Proprietorship relation with the bank with a valid savings/current/OD account, you can avail of this Mobile Banking Facility, by registering through Branch or at any TMB ATM.
    TMB Bank offers Mobile Banking to all its resident customers for Indian Mobile Numbers only.

    As a TMB Bank customer, to be able to register for the Mobile Banking service you need to have:
    Your mobile number registered with TMB Bank
    A GSM operational handset with GPRS/SMS facility activated.

    TMB M-Banking is not restricted to any service provider. This facility can be used through all GPRS providers, but only in India.

    To avail of TMB M-Banking Application, you need to be registered for mobile banking. If you are not yet registered please

  • Fill up and submit the form at your nearest branch.
  • Walk into any TMB ATM, Goto Services > Mobile Banking > Registration.
  • After registration, Welcome SMS, URL to download the application and MPIN will be send via SMS.
  • After getting welcome sms, customer has to download from the link.
  • Download and install the application, then Create Login PIN and change the MPIN.
  • Using TMB M-Banking you can do Fund Transfers to a maximum of Rs.50,000/- per day and you can do Bill Payments and Recharge to a maximum of Rs.50,000/- per day. However this limit is subject to revision as per RBI guidelines.

    TMB Bank offers Mobile Banking facility free to all its customers, though operator charges apply.

    To be able to use TMB M-Banking you will need to have:
    1.Application Login PIN: A 4 digit Numeric PIN is required at the time of login.
    2.M-PIN: A 4 digit pin number is required to authenticate all transactions.

    No, One phone can have only one TMB M-Banking application even if it is Quad-Sim supported phone.

    No, One phone can have only one TMB M-Banking application. If and only if, the application is deleted, the phone will allow the installation of the same application again.

    The application does not allow a non-owner to login with his/her credentials. The application will accept only your credentials and only your account details can be furnished.